Group Fitness


Our group sessions are a fun, social and cost effective way to get you fit and healthy.

West Coast Bootcamp

Enjoy the variety of outdoor training using various strength, cardio and functional equipment.

West Coast Boxfit

Boxing for Fitness is a great way to improve cardio, strength and coordination.
Using gloves and pads (supplied), Boxfit incorporates different boxing drills and
skills to increase your fitness levels.

West Coast Beachfit

We have the best beaches in the world in WA, so what better place to exercise!
Incorporating cardio and strength, using bodyweight and equipment, you may get a little sandy, but you can always wash off in the ocean afterwards!

West Coast HIIT

Not for the faint hearted. Get fit quick! Using HIIT principles, incorporating body weight exercises, this is a sure way to fire up your metabolism and improve your fitness levels! Be prepared to work hard!

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